UKVI or IELTS Regular – Part 2


Continuing from where we left off earlier. Here is some more news about IELTS and IELTS UKVI. Some more of your questions answered.

What Scores Do I need for the UKVI?

UKVI is there just to ensure that you are the person taking the test and nobody else. Therefore, as long as you have the required IELTS score, the score that you get in the UKVI does not matter. All the home office needs is for you to get a Band 4.0

So, UKVI elimiNates the need for me to get a 7 in all?

Absolutely not! The score requirement does not change. Let’s say you take the IELTS and you get the required score. And you are happy with the score. Perfect. But to enter into the UK, you will need a UKVI score, so, you can take the regular IELTS first, because it is cheaper, and once you get the score you need, you can take the UKVI IELTS at a later point.

Do I need to take both the tests?

Nope. If you are confident you will get the score you need in the test, you can directly book your date for the IELTS UKVI, and there is no need for you to take any other test, provided you get the scores you need.

Where can I prepare for ILETS? and How?

Let us first get this out. A lot of people call this ilets. In reality however it is just IELTS. And like we mentioned in the previous post, the test are exactly the same, if you have prepared for one, you have prepared for the other. And as always, if you are looking for score an 8+ in IELTS, or looking for score an 8777 in IELTS or looking to immigrate to Canada or wherever, First Academy is the best there is!

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