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There is a lot of stuff happening these days in the English learning scene. Every professional body seems to want an English test tailored for themselves. Enter the OET. An English test designed specifically for medical professionals.

The test wants to be up-to-date all the time. so far, it seems to be doing a bang-up job! It has been updated twice in the span of less than two years. These updates are more of tweaks, but they are important ones.

In this post, we are going to introduce you to a new question type that has been introduced into the reading section of the OET. In this question (there are going to be 6 questions of this kind in all), you are presented a question with three options and a small text that follows.

You are expected to read the text and answer the question. Remember, most substandard test papers, books, and test websites give you questions related to medical knowledge here, but, they are all wrong.

This section contains only questions that are related to workplace situations and rules. You will NOT encounter questions based on medical knowledge or skill. If you have a test that is presenting you with questions based on medical knowledge or skill, it is a clear indication that the test is not upto OET standards.

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Here is how the text would look like:

Aseptic Technique
Aseptic technique must be used when handling syringes and needles. The needle, the tip and hub, the inside of the barrel, and the plunger must be kept sterile at all times. Contamination of the plunger will contaminate the solution or medication as the plunger goes down the barrel. All syringes should be labelled with the name of the medication. If two or more syringes of the same type but containing different solutions or medications are being used, they must be clearly labelled to prevent confusion. If a needle is broken, it must be accounted for in its entirety. Bending, shearing, breaking, or recapping contaminated needles is strictly prohibited.

Now, answer the following question

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More information on OET, IELTS, GRE, SAT, and PTE is coming soon. Stay tuned! If you want to practice more or coaching yourself on any of these exams, there are loads of sample questions here.

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