PTE or TOEFL – The Two computer based tests


The most common misconception about English exams is that a person who speaks good English will certainly fare well in the test. This perhaps is true for a few exams, but not for PTE.


Even though PTE includes the same modules as IELTS or TOEFL, each part of the PTE test contains 2 to 8 modules. Knowing the requirements of each of the question types is essential before taking the test. It could also be very overwhelming to remember all of them. The specific requirements. This includes the word limit of the answer or the time given to finish the task.
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Hence, every candidate who wants to take the PTE test should approach a certified PTE trainer to help understand the needs of the test. In the same way, every candidate should get some hands-on experience before taking the exam.

Practice material in the form of online/computer-based exercises are a must to score an 80 in PTE. Studying only on a book could be counter productive as this test is completely computer based.

The PTE course at First Academy is the best available as the course helps students understand the intricacies of the test and gives them the needed confidence as well as the tools to manoeuvre through the exam.

This is done by ensuring the students follow the correct strategy taught both in online PTE sessions and in PTE classroom sessions. The sessions are complemented with an online resource that helps candidates try their hand at the test.

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What makes the sessions most effective are the personalised speaking sessions, in-detail writing evaluations and writing evaluation sessions.

To get a full picture on how we go about writing corrections, check out our corrected sample task at

Good Luck!

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