Listening – Getting a High Score


One thing many fail to realise in their quest for high scores in exams like the IELTS, GRE, PTE, or OET is that, these are language tests and not how-much-can-you practice tests. Candidates often end-up submitting many writing tasks for evaluation or take-up to sitting down for multiple listening tests, then complaining that they are getting the same score as they were earlier.

The trick here is to understand that getting a great score in listening will mean not only understanding individual words but also understanding questions clearly. In some cases, understanding questions might mean taking into account several things like tone, and even the tenses in which the questions have been asked.

This listening test takes a look at a few such questions. Apart from understanding tone, understanding something that can affect the nature of the question is something that you need to focus on. This is an important part of IELTS coaching.

If you think that this is only in IELTS that this difference comes in, you are mistaken. In other tests like PTE and even tests for medical professionals like the OET focus on something similar. When making test for exams like these the trainers will work best only if they have taken these tests.

At first academy, we are able to offer the best training because our trainers realise this, and you get the best material for all these exams and in addition to this, you get the best coaching. Where it is to help you get a 320+ in GRE or get a B in all in OET, or a CLB 9, First Academy is the place that you should go to!

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