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There are several questions about IELTS. With the introduction of IELTS UKVI things have become more complicated and muddled. Who takes the UKVI, do I need to take IELTS regular, or do I need to take the UKVI? Is the test any different from the regular IELTS test? Does it cost the same?

We try to answer all the questions here. Information courtesy: First Academy – The Best IELTS coaching centre.

Is it any different?

If you are wondering about the format of the test. Do not. Both the tests are exactly the same. In fact, on a given day, irrespective of whether you take the IELTS or the IELTS UKVI, the paper is going to be exactly the same!

That goes to answer the question about coaching. You do not need any special coaching for the IELTS UKVI. The regular awesome IELTS coaching at First Academy will just fit the bill just as perfectly as ever!

Why is there UKVI?

UKVI is a more secure test where the entire testing session is recorded with a test proctor in the room. This is to ensure that the test scores are secure and that the candidate’s identity may be verified when and if required.

Is it more expensive?

Yes. Since the test happens at a secure location and the test is also recorded and since we are taking the test of our own accord, we simply have to pay the price for the higher security and all. So, yes, you are going to may a lot more for the UKVI IELTS than the regular IELTS.

The registration for IELTS UKVI is the same as the registration for the regular IELTS test. You can always walk in to the First Academy offices to register for the IELTS at no extra cost.


Nope. the IELTS UKVI is only for those who wish to enter into the UK on a long-term visa. If you are planning to study or migrate into any other country, you can register for the regular IELTS test. There is no need to take up the UKVI.


More about the same in the next article. Stay tuned!

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