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Getting a CLB9 for immigration will mean that you have to get an 8 in the listening section, and a 7 each in the three remaining sections of the test. In theory, that should not be difficult. In practice however, many fail to reach that target.

Those that do not reach the target start believing that they do not have sufficient language skills and hence decide to enroll in a training program. While that, in itself, is not a terrible idea, it can be fraught with traps and dangers. The biggest of which, sadly, is getting into a training centre.

Most training centres here in India are staffed by substandard trainers who know nothing, or worse, have all sorts of misinformation about IELTS. Worse still, are the youtube videos that spread misinformation, from which these fly-by-night trainers get their information from.

In the light of this, how do we get the most accurate information about getting a CLB 9 for Canadian immigration? Let us start with the easier of the modules – reading. When you are trying for a 7 in IELTS reading, you must get answers to 34 questions right. This is a daunting task. You can go wrong in no more than 6 questions. So how do you achieve this?

This can be done by understanding what IELTS reading looks at. Since IELTS is a language test, it is important for you to understand not to focus on words. You will always be better of focusing on sentences and understanding the meaning and context of the sentence as a whole, than of individual words.

To get a grip of what you have to do, you must first try and understand the IELTS reading comprehension from the perspective of an examiner. Why has this question been asked, what is this question testing us on? How is this aspect of language useful for a learner. All these are questions that you needt to ask and get answers to.

To take a look at one such reading comprehension passage, you can head here. This test has been prepared by the good folks at the Cambridge Uni. Questions based on these tests are accompanied by comments added by the nice blokes at First Academy – The Best Coaching Institute for IELTS, GRE, OET, SAT, and PTE.

For more tests like these, and for awesome coaching and for attending an IELTS session (free!) by a tutor certified by the university of Cambridge, you can always pay First Academy a visit!

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