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Getting a 9 in IELTS is really easy. No, we are not kidding you. We mean it. There have been several who managed that rather impressive feat. How did the people we know get an band of 8+ or more? The answer is simple, and, considering it is there on the website, pretty evident. We trained them. Now, you must be thinking that this is all a load of bovine defecation.  We promise you it is not.

A 9 in IELTS and a 90 in PTE you say? Impossible? Naah!

You might feel it preposterous still if we had told you that we even managed a full 90 in PTE. But, we all know we are going to tell you exactly that anyway. And your disbelief would continue. But, not for much longer. This page will outline the secrets of getting those score, and how me manage to train test-takers to achieve such dazzling scores.

The first step towards this would be to understand the parameters of evaluation. Any trainer promising a score should have an irrefutable understanding of these. If a trainer is claiming to improve your score, question the trainer about how they would manage it. If they talk about your grammar, and improving it, or giving you templates that will help you ace the test. They are a sham. Get away from them, and do so pronto!

Trainers promising you templates to improve scores are selling snake oil. Run from ’em!

Always remember, any training language test worth its salt (and most are) will have examiners or AI that can easily see through any template that anyone can come up with. Any trainer promising you a template will also sell the same template to several others. Your writing will then be plagiarism. And, that is one area that you do not want to tread into. Knowing the capabilities of your trainer is key. There are few, if any, good trainers out there.

For IELTS, it is recommended that writing practice start with first understanding what IELTS calls band descriptors. These documents contain a list of parameters the examiners use to evaluate your task. Knowing what they mean, and how your writing compares against what the examiners expect ought to be your first step. Make this step count. Do not do it alone. Ask someone, preferably a great IELTS coach to help you with it.  If you are not entirely sure you need training, at the very least, get a free evaluation of your IELTS writing task.

For acing the PTE, the strategy is more or less similar. Figure out what PTE needs from you. One of the most important aspects of PTE is maintaining word count. A small slip-up can affect your scores. If a task asks you to respond in no more than 200 words, writing one word more will mean that your score will be one point less than what it would have been otherwise. That is just vis-à-vis one aspect. To know more, talk to an experienced PTE trainer today!

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