6.5 to a 7 in Writing


I have taken my IELTS several times and I am stuck at a 6.5 in writing! Is IELTS deliberately giving me a lower score? Or is there something I am missing? I am getting an 8 in all other modules.

This is a common refrain that we see everyday from many people. Having been in the IELTS business for nearly two decades, this has only become increasingly common as more and more people are trying to migrate into the English-speaking world for the promise of better opportunities.

Australian PR requires you to have a 7 in a all modules of IELTS while Canada requires you to have a CLB 9, which means you will need an 8 in listening and a 7 each in the remaining three modules.

Most manage to get the score that is required in most other modules barring writing. This is not because their grammar is bad, or because they cannot write well, but because they fail to understand what writing is all about and how it is that IELTS evaluates writing.

One area that most fail to understand is task response. Many IELTS questions are structured in such a way that non-proficient users of the language will fail to spot the one or two common words that can completely change the way one needs to look at the question.

One such word is ‘Culture’. The difference between how something affects one’s life is can be completely different from how something affects one’s cultural life.

Understanding this difference and knowing how to spot this difference can become one of the most important aspects in your ability to score will. Apart from this, there are a few very common errors that people make that affect the overall quality of their writing.

One area is your ability to understand the difference between few and a few, and your ability to use and understand reference while reading.

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