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Circa 2009, there was this entirely new test on the English proficiency block, the PTE. When it all started, it was purported to be easier than IELTS, and there was a lot of noise about it. Fast forward to the present, the situation is no different from how it was and still is for IELTS. People still struggle to make it past the magical 79.

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Will I get a 79+?

Like it is for any test, understanding the parameters for scoring is the most important aspect of getting a score. There is no point delivering finest quality pineapples when all that is needed is a basket of bricks.

For instance, for questions where the test taker is supposed to summarize written text the areas of evaluation are Content, Form, Grammar, and Vocabulary. Knowing this is just the first step. There is more you need to know.

Of these, the most important is understanding context. Context looks at how appropriate your answer is. The score range for Context is 0 to 2. If you miss out on one main point, you get a score of 1 and if you completely misrepresent the summary, you natually get a 0. A full relavant response will, of course, get you a full 2. A zero score in content will mean that all your other scores will be zero as well!

This is something that your PTE practice session should begin with. Coaching to write well for PTE should, without fail, cover this aspect of writing. Understanding Form, the second of the parameters is easier. If the response is a single sentence between 5 and 75 words, you get a full one point. If it does not qualify on any of these, you get a zero.

If all these seem pretty confusing, it is always best to talk to a seasoned PTE trainer who can help you understand that nuances of the PTE test, and help you get a 79+. IF you are looking at migrating to Australia 🇦🇺 and are looking for the best PTE coaching sessions, you could attend one for free before you decide to plonk your cash on training that you might not need.


PTE Evaluation and Tips for 79+ in PTE provided by First Academy

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