Want to learn Deutsch?


Planning to learn German? First, start with what the language is called. Germans don’t call German, German. They call it Deutsch. If you already think you know a bit of the language, check out these 4 questions.

Good Luck! or Alles Gute or if you want to go the French way, Bonne Chance!

Question #1: How do you say 9:30 in Deutsch?

Question #2: Sie ist meine __________

Question #3: Wo sind unsere __________

Question #4: __________ Auto ist schnell.

While the best coaching centre for GRE, IELTS, PTE, and OET does not yet teach German, we are definitely in touch with good people who do.  If you want to go to Germany for study or if you want to take tests like the IELTS, or GRE, or PTE, we would love to be of assistance!

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