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Apr 17 17

The Best IELTS Coaching – How to Find a Trainer?

by admin

The best IELTS coaching in Hyderabad is offered only at First Academy. The reason is simple. First Academy understands the IELTS test. What does understanding the test mean in this context? How is different from knowing about the test? That IELTS contains 4 sections – listening, reading, writing, and speaking – is something that most of those who want to take the test are already aware of. That IELTS is an exam that tests your English language proficiency is also no secret.

Understanding the IELTS test is the key to being able to provide the best IELTS coaching. At First academy, we know that it is not about learning grammar, or memorising lists of words and forming long sentences with words that few can use. Coaching for IELTS is all about understanding where a test taker stands, and then help them fill the gaps so they may move to a higher band. This can be done only by understanding the band descriptors. – The take away here is that, understanding band descriptors is step one of being able to provide the best IELTS coaching.

How well do you think fly-by-night trainers who promise guaranteed band scores understand band descriptors? Our guess is – not at all!

If you are looking for the best IELTS training, make sure that you ask the trainer if they use band descriptors while they are training. If they do use band descriptors, see if the training is in line with what is in the band descriptors. One way to check if the trainers understand band descriptors is to see if the trainers have degrees or certificates from the University of Cambridge. Why particularly university of Cambridge? Because University of Cambridge makes the IELTS test, and trainers who provide the Best IELTS training are those who have top scores in tests conducted by Cambridge.

First Academy has consistently been able to provide the best IELTS coaching for a simple reason, all the trainers have certificates from Cambridge and all these trainers have top scores. This means that the trainer you are talking to has in all probability scored a 9 in the IELTS test. That is the second take away. Trainers who have come out on top are the ones who can provide the best IELTS coaching.

If you are serious about getting a good score in the IELTS test, take a free sample IELTS test at First Academy, or better still, attend a free session, and see, why First Academy has been hailed as the provider of the best IELTS coaching.

Apr 10 17

IELTS and PTE Material and Vocabulary

by admin

How do you improve your vocabulary for IELTS and PTE? Do you need to focus on Idioms for IELTS or PTE?

These are questions that have simple answers. The answers are probably more simple than you imagine. First, whether you are preparing for the PTE or for IELTS, understand that these exams do not need specialised vocabulary. What they are looking for is flexibility and precision in vocabulary.

What is flexibility and precision?

Let’s take the word family. This word often conjures images of a mother, father, and one or two children living together and sharing a loving relationship. Fair.

However, is this the only way to use the word? Not really. Consider the following question:

What vegetable family does colocasia belong to?

In the question above, do you think the word family means the same thing that you think it means? Or does it have a different meaning? Being able to understand this, is what constitutes flexibility.

Not only do you need to know the meaning of a word, you should also know the different ways in which a word could be used in different contexts. If you do not understand the question above, it simply means that you lack flexibility in vocabulary.

In the writing section of the PTE, the trick is not to use difficult words, the trick is to use words clearly and precisely. The same applies for writing for any language test, be it the TOEFL or IELTS.

How do you improve flexibility and precision? How do you prepare for IELTS or PTE?

The simplest of all answers would be – read. And when we ask you to read, we are not suggesting you start picking up thick, big, fat novels. What you need to do is simply read the reading passages a little more carefully. Focus on how the words are used. Understand the context in which they are used.

There is no need to read anything new. Just the regular passages. Read them to understand and appreciate words rather than to answer the questions. You will suddenly start understanding that preparing for IELTS or preparing for PTE and all about attention and appreciation of language and not about how much time you put in taking mock tests.


Apr 4 17

IELTS Coaching in Hyderabad

by admin

Do you know First Academy offer the Best Coaching for IELTS in Hyderabad?

Did you know that First Academy has been the best coaching centre for over 11 years now?

What is the secret?

The trainers are Cambridge Certified. They are the ones who have not just taken IELTS but also took pains to get trained and nail the most difficult English language exams in the world.

Anybody can offer coaching for IELTS, but really good coaching comes from trainers who satisfy two criteria:

  1. loving and understanding the nuances of language
  2. loving the experience of training

It is only natural that our trainers have widely been considered the best there is. Many multinational corporations also trust First Academy to provide them with quality training. First Academy’s trainers are authors for McGraw Hill – the worlds largest test prep publishers!

Imagine how good the coaching for GRE and IELTS would be if you are being trained by people who have literally written the book!

There is no other institute in India with more qualified faculty, and this would not be an empty claim. We have actively sought such places to collaborate with and could not find any. If you do, we would love to know about like minded people and work with them.

We want to continue to better ourselves be it in offering training for exams like SSC CGL, IELTS, GRE, or other tests that involve English, mathematics, and reasoning!

Visit First Academy, sit for a free session, and you will be amazed at how good the sessions are. Not just that, the most difficult of questions are solved in so straightforward a manner that you would be left wondering why you did not think of such simple solutions before!

Welcome to First Academy, welcome to the best coaching for IELTS, GRE, PTE, and more.

Mar 24 17

Best GRE Coaching

by admin

The best GRE coaching should always focus on making you understand sentences and the context rather than focusing on making you learn words.

This video on sentence completion exercises of GRE will give you a clear picture of what the focus should be on. The video clearly asks you to focus on understanding the structure of the sentence and how to understand what the answer depends on.

Once you achieve that understanding, you will not just not depend on words, you will start to make sense of words without having to depend on a dictionary all the time. The best GRE class should teach you, and teach you patiently, on how to arrive at this place.

As for the reading comprehension section of GRE, it is also unlike what happens in IELTS or TOEFL or PTE, what GRE tests your ability to identify inferences in a text. The reason behind this is simple, a candidate with advanced understanding will automatically be able to make inferences.

Once again, the best coaching centres for GRE should focus on understanding inferences within a text rather than focusing on decoding the meaning of the text. The logic is simple, if a test wants you to decode the meaning, it will be a language test, and not a logic test.

Mar 21 17

PTE Online Training

by admin

How should PTE Online Coaching ideally be?

It is very easy to get carried away by what people say about the difficulty level of PTE, and how you might need training for the same. Before you commit to training, (we are talking about PTE online training here) understand that there is very little you can do in terms of training in the listening section of the test.

As a test taker, you would be better off preparing for the listening section of the test all by yourself. If you are seriously weak in listening, online training might not be the way to go. You would, in all probability be better off with an individual tutor.

Best improvements can be expected in the reading section of the PTE followed by the PTE writing section. Before enrolling for PTE coaching, check if the training includes individual sessions with the trainer. If it does, you will greatly be benefitted from them.

Check the same for speaking. It is always best to test your speaking ability in a simulated speaking test rather than as a part of a group activity. Remember, in the actual PTE test, the speaking will be an individual exercise where you will be speaking into a computer microphone.

Happy hunting!

Mar 20 17

GRE, IELTS, PTE, TOEFL, and Preparing for These

by admin

The season of taking tests and exams is here. You have finished writing your exams, or are in the middle of the year end tests, or are about to begin taking a few. The year end tests, if you are about to accept your bachelors degree, will lead to a spate of more tests, especially if you plan to go abroad.

The GRE comes to mind for those who plan to go to the US for MS. Understand that GRE preparation takes a lot of time. By time, I do not mean preparing for several hours each day. GRE is a test that needs to be understood. And understanding does not come from brute force methods. The GRE Sentence completion exercises need to be tackled with special care.

Sentence completion exercises of GRE require candidates to understand the sentence structure rather than the meaning of the words that are given as a part of the answer choices. Always remember that a clue to the answer is always within the sentence. The trick is to figure out how to get to the clue.

Focusing on vocabulary is also one of the most common mistakes in IELTS writing.There is a difference between using big words and using them correctly. IELTS is a language test, and therefore looks at how well you convey meaning rather then how many ‘big’ words you can use.

We will be talking about PTE and TOEFL  preparation in future posts.

Mar 17 17

MS in Australia

by admin

All thanks to the Trump effect, the masses of Indian students have shifted their focus from pursuing their MS in US. Many are now looking towards Australia and Canada as possible options for MS. While students did opt for Australia and Canada for MS earlier too, the trend has seen increased takers in the recent times.

How good is an MS in Australia? Does it compare with an MS in the US?

To answer the first question, there are several good Australian universities that offer robust and widely recognised masters degrees in several streams. While those who are pursuing masters programmes in computer sciences and information technology might no warm up to the idea of pursuing a masters in Australia, there are several universities that you could consider.

  1. University of Melbourne – Masters in Computer Sciences
  2. University of Technology – Sydney – Masters in Computer Sciences
  3. University of New South Wales – Masters in Computer Sciences
  4. Swinburne Univeristy – Masters in Computer Sciences
  5. RMIT -Masters in Computer Sciences

Not just masters in computers, there are several universities that offer masters programmes in a variety of courses to suit and cater to almost every taste. If you feel that your doors to the US have been shut, and that your great IELTS score is in vain, do not despair, Australia might just be the answer you need!

Mar 16 17


by admin

A common question that people are faced with is whether to take coaching for IELTS or PTE.

The answer is not simple or straight forward. However, in this post, we will try to help you take a call.

First, IELTS is an older and a more widely accepted test than the PTE. Be it for immigration (IELTS General) or education (IELTS Academic), IELTS is one of the most widely accepted tests across the globe. PTE (PTE Academic, PTE General)on the other hand is a more recent test, and as a result does not have as wide an acceptance as the IELTS.

Bottom line: If you want the widest possible levels of acceptance, or if you are not sure about where you want to go, but want to be ready, take IELTS.

Second, PTE is a completely computer based test, while IELTS is a paper based test. This is a huge factor for a lot of people. In the speaking section, some are more comfortable talking to a live examiner, while others prefer speaking in their own privacy. Some like reading on the screen, some prefer reading on paper. The best way to decide is to take a free sample test of PTE and a sample test of IELTS before deciding.

Bottom line: If you have terrible handwriting or if you are more comfortable reading on screen than reading on paper, take the PTE. If you are among those that like pen and paper tests and are more comfortable marking and underlining reading material, take the IELTS.

Finally, PTE gives out scores faster. It takes 13 days before you get your IELTS score, and a few days more for you to get the IELTS score cards. PTE gives out scores in 5 days and reports most of your scores for free.

Bottom line: If you need test dates in a hurry, you will easily get PTE test dates in short notice. The same goes for results. If you want to take your time, and do stuff  in a leisurely and planned manner, and have the patience to wait, then start looking for IELTS test dates.

Happy hunting!

Mar 14 17

Best US Universities – To go or not to go?

by admin

This is the dawn of the Age of Trump. People are sceptical and Americans are skeptical. To go, or not to go to the US seems to be the question every engineering graduate is asking. Only in different words:

What about MS in US, considering the Trump Effect?

Getting a student visa to the US should not be a problem provided you satisfy a few criteria:

Many universities in the US are actively telling prospective students that they are welcome to come and study in the US. Despite the travel ban, there are many students who are successfully applying for visas to the US. As long as you are not from a country on which there is a travel ban, you must consider your chances to be at least fair to middling.

If you are attempting to go to the US, you must understand that your first step should be getting a good GRE score. For that, you would need the best GRE coaching. Once again, remember that really good GRE coaching is not just about mugging up words. It is about understanding the test.

Apply to good universities. A mistake that many students make is to choose universities that give them admissions with the lowest possible entry requirements. If you choose such universities, you must understand that the chances of you getting a visa will be low.

Going to a low profile university will make the visa officer feel you are a potential immigrant. If you appear to be a potential immigrant, your student visa to the US will in all possibility be rejected.

Mar 13 17

IELTS Nurses Coaching – NHS UK

by admin

A lot of nurses are on the look for IELTS Coaching for getting into the NHS system in the UK. However, not everyone understands the requirements. Yes, to quality for the NHS programme, a 7 Band in all modules is a requirement. But, there is more to it than just that.

The NHS programme has made it a little easier for you to get into it, especially if you are going through the Apollo Medskills programme for IELTS. This will give you some breathing space. In the event you are enrolled inthe Apollo programme, you have the option of submitting two IELTS Scores.

The scores can be as follows:

  • 1st Attempt:  Listening: 7; Reading 6.5; Writing 6.5; Speaking 7
  • 2nd Attempt: Listening: 6.5; Reading 7; Writing 7; Speaking 6.5

But the scores cannot be as follows

  • 1st Attempt:  Listening: 7; Reading 6.5; Writing 6.5; Speaking 7
  • 2nd Attempt: Listening: 6.0; Reading 7; Writing 7; Speaking 6.5

You can submit two scores of the IELTS Test (taken within 6 months of each other). You should achieve a score of 7 in each module in both the tests put together, as long as you do not go below a 6.5 in any module in any of the tests.

If you need more information about the NHS Requirement for the IELTS test for nurses, you can always contact First Academy, or enroll in the best IELTS coaching by attending a free IELTS session with us!

Want a longer term training with more focus in language? We can tailor a custom course for you! Ask us about IELTS and we will be happy to help you! You may also contact us for special IELTS Test dates or for registering for IELTS at your location.