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MS in Australia

by admin on March 17th, 2017

All thanks to the Trump effect, the masses of Indian students have shifted their focus from pursuing their MS in US. Many are now looking towards Australia and Canada as possible options for MS. While students did opt for Australia and Canada for MS earlier too, the trend has seen increased takers in the recent times.

How good is an MS in Australia? Does it compare with an MS in the US?

To answer the first question, there are several good Australian universities that offer robust and widely recognised masters degrees in several streams. While those who are pursuing masters programmes in computer sciences and information technology might no warm up to the idea of pursuing a masters in Australia, there are several universities that you could consider.

  1. University of Melbourne – Masters in Computer Sciences
  2. University of Technology – Sydney –┬áMasters in Computer Sciences
  3. University of New South Wales –┬áMasters in Computer Sciences
  4. Swinburne Univeristy –┬áMasters in Computer Sciences
  5. RMIT -Masters in Computer Sciences

Not just masters in computers, there are several universities that offer masters programmes in a variety of courses to suit and cater to almost every taste. If you feel that your doors to the US have been shut, and that your great IELTS score is in vain, do not despair, Australia might just be the answer you need!

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