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IELTS Nurses Coaching – NHS UK

by admin on March 13th, 2017

A lot of nurses are on the look for IELTS Coaching for getting into the NHS system in the UK. However, not everyone understands the requirements. Yes, to quality for the NHS programme, a 7 Band in all modules is a requirement. But, there is more to it than just that.

The NHS programme has made it a little easier for you to get into it, especially if you are going through the Apollo Medskills programme for IELTS. This will give you some breathing space. In the event you are enrolled inthe Apollo programme, you have the option of submitting two IELTS Scores.

The scores can be as follows:

  • 1st Attempt:  Listening: 7; Reading 6.5; Writing 6.5; Speaking 7
  • 2nd Attempt: Listening: 6.5; Reading 7; Writing 7; Speaking 6.5

But the scores cannot be as follows

  • 1st Attempt:  Listening: 7; Reading 6.5; Writing 6.5; Speaking 7
  • 2nd Attempt: Listening: 6.0; Reading 7; Writing 7; Speaking 6.5

You can submit two scores of the IELTS Test (taken within 6 months of each other). You should achieve a score of 7 in each module in both the tests put together, as long as you do not go below a 6.5 in any module in any of the tests.

If you need more information about the NHS Requirement for the IELTS test for nurses, you can always contact First Academy, or enroll in the best IELTS coaching by attending a free IELTS session with us!

Want a longer term training with more focus in language? We can tailor a custom course for you! Ask us about IELTS and we will be happy to help you! You may also contact us for special IELTS Test dates or for registering for IELTS at your location.

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