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IELTS Material – Which sources should you trust?

by admin on April 26th, 2017

IELTS Material – The Deal

Every one wants IELTS material. Most of them want it for free. And to the delight of many, it is indeed available. The only question is how good is it? The answer shouldn’t surprise many. It is not great at all. What you need to understand is that not all IELTS material is made equal. There is bad material, then there is worse material. Especially if the material in question is free.

So, how do you separate the real deal from the chaff?

IELTS Material – The Sources

The bitter truth is that unless you resort to pirace, most IELTS material you get is substandard. The reason is simple really. Good Material requires effort, time, and patience. Without all these, it is impossible to make good material. In such a case, why would anyone give it for free? What needs sweat, and toil, should be paid for, and that is the way it should be.

Buy really good books. There are many websites including Amazon and Flipkart, that offer really great discounts on many books. Make best use of that.

Why Can’t I download them off the Internet?

What you need to understand is that most books come with online codes and link to practice material that can be accessed via codes and book linked articles. If you are downloading books, you will not have access to these areas.

Remember that the authors and publishers cannot update books, so they usually end up updating the online pages. So one good reason to buy IELTS material is to get access to these online resources for free. This will also give you an idea of new teaching methods and new ways of learning stuff.

Once again, what’s the bottomline?

The bottom line is really simple. If you want good material, buy it. If you want great sessions, do not go on youtube. Pay for a good trainer. Get the best coaching for IELTS. This is because the trainer will help you in person.

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