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IELTS Coaching – Reading and Writing

by admin on March 6th, 2017

In the last post, the discussion was about how the Listening and Speaking sections of the IELTS test are the easiest of the four sections. However, the reading and the writing sections are not so straight forward. They will not just need blind practice.

It requires an understanding of how IELTS writing is corrected.  To do that, you will need to have a detailed understanding of the IELTS Band Descriptors. IELTS band descriptors give you an excellent idea of how your writing needs to be for each band level.

For instance, for achieving a 7 band in IELTS writing the band descriptors clearly say that information in your IELTS writing task should do the following:

  • arrange information and ideas in a logical and a consistent manner
  • exhibit a clear progression all through
  • use a variety of cohesive devices (words that show relationships between themes and ideas)
  • use those appropriately
  • present a clear topic within each paragraph

These are only a part of the requirements, but a very important part. The four points above are essential for you to achieve a 7 in the coherence and cohesion aspect of writing.

For the remaining aspects of getting a 7 in IELTS, keep looking forward for other posts.


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