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IELTS and PTE Material and Vocabulary

by admin on April 10th, 2017

How do you improve your vocabulary for IELTS and PTE? Do you need to focus on Idioms for IELTS or PTE?

These are questions that have simple answers. The answers are probably more simple than you imagine. First, whether you are preparing for the PTE or for IELTS, understand that these exams do not need specialised vocabulary. What they are looking for is flexibility and precision in vocabulary.

What is flexibility and precision?

Let’s take the word family. This word often conjures images of a mother, father, and one or two children living together and sharing a loving relationship. Fair.

However, is this the only way to use the word? Not really. Consider the following question:

What vegetable family does colocasia belong to?

In the question above, do you think the word family means the same thing that you think it means? Or does it have a different meaning? Being able to understand this, is what constitutes flexibility.

Not only do you need to know the meaning of a word, you should also know the different ways in which a word could be used in different contexts. If you do not understand the question above, it simply means that you lack flexibility in vocabulary.

In the writing section of the PTE, the trick is not to use difficult words, the trick is to use words clearly and precisely. The same applies for writing for any language test, be it the TOEFL or IELTS.

How do you improve flexibility and precision? How do you prepare for IELTS or PTE?

The simplest of all answers would be – read. And when we ask you to read, we are not suggesting you start picking up thick, big, fat novels. What you need to do is simply read the reading passages a little more carefully. Focus on how the words are used. Understand the context in which they are used.

There is no need to read anything new. Just the regular passages. Read them to understand and appreciate words rather than to answer the questions. You will suddenly start understanding that preparing for IELTS or preparing for PTE and all about attention and appreciation of language and not about how much time you put in taking mock tests.


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