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Best US Universities – To go or not to go?

by admin on March 14th, 2017

This is the dawn of the Age of Trump. People are sceptical and Americans are skeptical. To go, or not to go to the US seems to be the question every engineering graduate is asking. Only in different words:

What about MS in US, considering the Trump Effect?

Getting a student visa to the US should not be a problem provided you satisfy a few criteria:

Many universities in the US are actively telling prospective students that they are welcome to come and study in the US. Despite the travel ban, there are many students who are successfully applying for visas to the US. As long as you are not from a country on which there is a travel ban, you must consider your chances to be at least fair to middling.

If you are attempting to go to the US, you must understand that your first step should be getting a good GRE score. For that, you would need the best GRE coaching. Once again, remember that really good GRE coaching is not just about mugging up words. It is about understanding the test.

Apply to good universities. A mistake that many students make is to choose universities that give them admissions with the lowest possible entry requirements. If you choose such universities, you must understand that the chances of you getting a visa will be low.

Going to a low profile university will make the visa officer feel you are a potential immigrant. If you appear to be a potential immigrant, your student visa to the US will in all possibility be rejected.

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