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Best GRE Coaching

by admin on March 24th, 2017

The best GRE coaching should always focus on making you understand sentences and the context rather than focusing on making you learn words.

This video on sentence completion exercises of GRE will give you a clear picture of what the focus should be on. The video clearly asks you to focus on understanding the structure of the sentence and how to understand what the answer depends on.

Once you achieve that understanding, you will not just not depend on words, you will start to make sense of words without having to depend on a dictionary all the time. The best GRE class should teach you, and teach you patiently, on how to arrive at this place.

As for the reading comprehension section of GRE, it is also unlike what happens in IELTS or TOEFL or PTE, what GRE tests your ability to identify inferences in a text. The reason behind this is simple, a candidate with advanced understanding will automatically be able to make inferences.

Once again, the best coaching centres for GRE should focus on understanding inferences within a text rather than focusing on decoding the meaning of the text. The logic is simple, if a test wants you to decode the meaning, it will be a language test, and not a logic test.

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