How well do you know your IELTS?


Like with any other exam, there are a lot of misconceptions and untruths masquerading as pointers and tips. This short quiz will act as a primer of what is and is not of IELTS. If you have any questions about IELTS, or want to take a free sample exam of IELTS, you could always drop us a line..

Come back to this quiz once more a day before your test to make sure you are not  worrying about things that do not matter.


You do know your IELTS well! Let us hope this knowledge will help you get a great score!

Good Luck for your test!

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#1 Clear sentences are more important than big words.

While writing or speaking, the most important thing is to convey meaning, not sounding impressive.

#2 IELTS questions are designed to confuse test takers.

The questions that appear in the test look at a test-takers language ability. They are not designed to be deliberately confusing.

#3 No one gets a 9 in writing in IELTS.

While not very common, there are several instances of candidates getting the perfect score in IELTS.

#4 Writing templates help in getting a better score.

If your language is very basic, and you are not able to form sentences, then, having a template might help. If you are however looking for a higher score (7 or above), then templates might only lower your score.

#5 In Speaking task 2, not speaking for two minutes will earn you a penalty.

If you pay careful attention to what the examiner ask you, you will notice the examiner asking you to speak for one to two minutes. As long as you speak well, speaking for one minute might be enough to convince the examiner about your speaking ability.

#6 A neat looking writing paper is important for a good score.

As long as your handwriting is legible, and the essay organised, a few scratched out sentences and words here-and-there, and less than perfect handwriting should not affect your score in any manner.


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