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The time has arrived for yet another academic year to end. And for a lot of people, particularly engineers, it might be time to take a call on what path to choose. While many might want to work in India, most engineers look for avenues to go abroad. With more factors coming into the fray influencing decisions, there has never been a tougher time to decide to go abroad.

So what are the things that need to be kept in mind while going abroad. If you are an engineer and are planning to go into one of the best universities in the world, the first choice would always be the US. This is followed by universities in other countries. Germany, Canada, Singapore, and Australia – almost in that order.

The top universities in all these countries will still require and most other universities still expect you to have a really good GRE score. The good GRE score will bring into focus the question as to where to get the best GRE coaching from.

Most students pitifully still think GRE is all about vocabulary. If GRE was all about vocabulary, taking coaching will be a waste. You can instead spend a couple of hundred rupees on a good dictionary and start mugging up that dictionary from the comfort of your home.

What GRE looks at is your ability to understand a word in a given context and your ability to use those words in the most appropriate manner. Any GRE coaching centre that does not focus on this will not be worth your time, money, and the effort that it will make you put in.

Such coaching places are not easy to find. More so in a climate like this where there are multiple centres all claiming to be the best GRE coaching centres. You need to look for a centre that can allow you to attend a free session and interact with the trainer.

You must also look for faculty qualifications. Just because a trainer has a couple of decades worth of experience it does not mean that they are good. A good trainer should have had the exprience of having taken a GRE or of having first hand experience of how exams like the GRE are conducted.

Attend a session, ask the trainer challenging questions, and if you are satisfied with the entire experience and if the trainer is happy to help you with answers and encourages you to ask more questions, it is evident that you have found yourself the best coaching centre for GRE.

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