First Academy – Why Support it?


First Academy is the only institute providing examiner grade evaluation for IELTS writing and speaking. With trainers certified by the University of Cambridge, you can be assured of the best in class training – both online and offline. First Academy allows you to attend a free session, and also interact with the trainers before you enroll. How many centres do you think would be confident enough to do that? Barely any, I would say.

Add to that, classes are accompanied by world class IELTS material that is exclusive to students at First Academy.  Not just that, their GRE coaching has been the most positively reviewed course! The cream of the matter is that you get trained by authors for McGraw-Hill, the publishers of the Official GRE guide!

First Academy is home to more than three author trainers. From my not so limited experience, this could be the only institute that can boast of such credentials!

Looking for OET? OET trainers are the authors of the first OET reading comprehension book to have come from India. This way, you get all the latest and more accurate information about the test. They are the only training centre with customised OET material prepared in-house and vetted by the makers of OET – if that is not reason enough, I do not know what is!

First Academy is the ONLY coaching centre across India to have multiple authors as trainers. Little wonder they provide the BEST coaching for IELTS, GRE, OET, PTE and SAT.


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