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The title is a little cryptic. And if you are here, you are probably eager to take the GRE and want to know everything about it. If you are, that it would do you a world of good to get used to such cryptic language.

Why? you ask? Well, (imagine yours truly speaking with a raised eyebrow) what do you mean why? The GRE, or the Graduate record examination is all about cryptic sentences that in many cases need a second read before they start making sense, and several more reads before you being to make sense of how they fit in the context they appear in.

So what is GRE all about? The easiest way to answer that is for you to look at a few sample questions. And if you are not sure about diving right into the sample questions, you could always attend a free session. Most training centres that offer the best coaching for GRE usually allow you to sit in a free session. Sit in one, and see what they say and figure out how you feel about the session. Et voila!

Want to look at a quick test? Here is a link for a test of sentence completion questions of the kind that appear in GRE. Take a look at that test and see what you score. But be warned, you will need to answers all the questions.

The quiz will rather unobtrusively open in a new tab!

The quiz has 10 questions. You may take the quiz here.

If for some reason you are unable to access the test from the link above you may click the link below:

If direct hyperlinking is a taboo for you, you copy the code below and paste it into the address bar of your browser.

Please note the link is a HTTPS link meaning the site is as safe as can be! How cool is that?

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