Can you get a 9 in IELTS?

I am planning to migrate to Canada 🇨🇦, but I am not able to score in writing ✍️. What do I do?

It would be easiest to say, write better. But it would also be the most callous of statements to make. And even more so, if you are among those who have taken the IELTS more than once and are disappointed with your scores.

Let us first get to the answer to the question in the title. The answer is yes. A 9 in IELTS is most definitely possible. It is just that getting a 9 in writing is an incredibly challenging affair considering how careless we (as humans) have become these days, with respect to language.

So, how do we get a better score in writing?

The first question would be, what are you already getting? If you have taken the IELTS test already and you have a score, you exactly know where you stand. If you are at this juncture, the first thing to be done is to take advice of a professional trainer. A trainer would be able to tell you the reason behind your score.


IELTS writing is not all about grammar. There are several elements that come into play while your writing is being evaluated. Grammar is just one of those. One of the most imporatant elements is called Task Response. Task response in writing looks at how appropriate your answer is to the question presented.

Any good IELTS coach will usually start the writing session talking about task response. If a trainer does not make a mention of task response, ask. If your task response is good, then your job has begun well.


When we take a test, we try to put our best foot forward. We try to make ourselves look a lot better than who we are, and while doing so, especially during the test, we tend to falter. It is like going out onto the red carpet and suddenly deciding to wear 6 inch heels when all our life we have walked in nothing but flats.

You might look good standing, but the moment you take a few quick steps, you are so focussed on keeping your balance you can barely smile, and when you are indeed smiling, your body is probably falling in love with the ground.

Moral? Do not use big words that you have never comfortable used before, in the test. If you are sure your usage and spelling are both correct, and that the word matches the context, go right ahead. Even if you have the smallest of doubts, desist.

Final Words

If you are looking for a CLB9 for Immigrating to Canada or are aiming to score an 8+ in IELTS in general, please go with full and absolute understanding that it is entirely possible and there have been several who have done it.

The scores do not warrant worry.

If you want more information, you can always talk to the friendly folks at the super-awesome First Academy – The Best IELTS | GRE | PTE coaching around!

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