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GRE is a test that is required to get into top universities in the US. Many students try to look for univerities that accept applications and grant admissions without GRE. There is a huge subculture that looks for MS without GRE in the US. And this isn’t good. At least, for the most part, it isnt.

What is wrong, one might ask, in going to a university which does not make GRE a requirement. The answer is – fundamentally, nothing. But, if you look deeper, there are associated issues that you need to consider. Any university that does not need GRE or any other admission test, is usually a host for a lot of candidates who cannot and do not perform well in tests of logic, reasoning, and basic aptitude.

This generally means that you would be stuck with a class of underperformers. The statement is a generalisation, and because it is a generalisation, there is a large element of truth to it. These universities welcome a lot of students of lower calibre, and as a result, largely reduced prestige, and even worse chances of landing a semi-decent jobs.

This is precisely the reason why, universities that ask for a score of 320+ in GRE are the ones that are constantly, and consistently in demand. Both prospective employers and those aiming for career graphs that shoot into the stratosphere desperately try to get into these univerisites.

The results are present for everyone to see. Those getting into univerities like MIT, Harvard, Wharton, Ross School are offered paychecks that defy belief. And if you want to be one of those who gets such paychecks, you need simply understand that taking the GRE is unavoidable. And getting a good score, preferably a 320+ in GRE is almost a requirement.

Also remember that there are courses in universities like MIT that do not require a GRE. It might sound surprising, and too good to be true. Both are correct. The second more so than the first. Just because there is no GRE requirement, it does not mean that admissions are granted to everyone who applies.

The vetting process in these universities for these courses is pretty exhaustive and the qualifications needed to make it through to getting admitted. From work experience ranging from three to five years in a management position, to having hands-on experience in a certain domain or expertise in a specific field might all be requirements to be able to even qualify for a glance at your candidature.

Despite this, having a 320+ in GRE will definitely be a great benefit. And as always, to get such a score, it is always better to be trained. And for most part, getting trained in GRE is not just about joining any GRE coaching center. You need to find one that knows what the GRE is all about, and a place that has trainers who are most qualified, and understand that GRE is not just about vocabulary bout about logic and understanding.

To understand what the GRE is all about and to take a look at a few questions in GRE on your way to get a 320+ in GRE in your sights, take a look at a few questions here.


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