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Listening – Getting a High Score


One thing many fail to realise in their quest for high scores in exams like the IELTS, GRE, PTE, or OET is that, these are language tests and not how-much-can-you practice tests. Candidates often end-up submitting many writing tasks for evaluation or take-up to sitting down for multiple listening tests, then complaining that they are getting the same score as they were earlier. The trick here is...

Best Short Term GRE Coaching and Prepraration


You have just finished your exams and want to get trained in GRE. There is little time and there is a lot to do. So what are the things that you need to keep in mind when you are looking at preparing for GRE? First, understand that you cannot, and is many cases need not learn a lot of words. If you wish to keep GRE preparation quick and less daunting, the first thing you can do is to keep your...

GRE – Coaching | What is the Best?


The time has arrived for yet another academic year to end. And for a lot of people, particularly engineers, it might be time to take a call on what path to choose. While many might want to work in India, most engineers look for avenues to go abroad. With more factors coming into the fray influencing decisions, there has never been a tougher time to decide to go abroad. So what are the things that...

6.5 to a 7 in Writing


I have taken my IELTS several times and I am stuck at a 6.5 in writing! Is IELTS deliberately giving me a lower score? Or is there something I am missing? I am getting an 8 in all other modules. This is a common refrain that we see everyday from many people. Having been in the IELTS business for nearly two decades, this has only become increasingly common as more and more people are trying to...

First Academy – Why Support it?


First Academy is the only institute providing examiner grade evaluation for IELTS writing and speaking. With trainers certified by the University of Cambridge, you can be assured of the best in class training – both online and offline. First Academy allows you to attend a free session, and also interact with the trainers before you enroll. How many centres do you think would be confident...

IELTS Coaching – Reading – CLB9


Getting a CLB9 for immigration will mean that you have to get an 8 in the listening section, and a 7 each in the three remaining sections of the test. In theory, that should not be difficult. In practice however, many fail to reach that target. Those that do not reach the target start believing that they do not have sufficient language skills and hence decide to enroll in a training program...

Reading Sample Question


There is a lot of stuff happening these days in the English learning scene. Every professional body seems to want an English test tailored for themselves. Enter the OET. An English test designed specifically for medical professionals. The test wants to be up-to-date all the time. so far, it seems to be doing a bang-up job! It has been updated twice in the span of less than two years. These...

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