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May 4 17

GRE Sentence Completion Quiz

by admin

A lot of people are looking for GRE Sentence completion sample questions. However, there are very few places where you get good questions. This post has a quiz that will help you with a few quality questions. If you do like the quiz and want more, keep checking back. You will be surprised at how many good questions you can get.

Good Luck with the quiz!

May 2 17

IELTS dates, PTE Coaching – Welcome to First Academy

by admin

Where do you go for different things? For ielts dates, pte coaching, or the best GRE coaching? For everything, First Academy is the best! So, if you are looking for any of these, you just need to visit First Academy.

What is so good about First Academy IELTS dates, PTE coaching?

Did you know that First Academy is able to offer the best coaching for GRE, IELTS, PTE because of the faculty?

Also, the faculty at First Academy are certified by the University of Cambridge ESOL Examination?

Whether it is IELTS dates, PTE coaching, or awesome GRE coaching in Hyderabad, First Academy is the solution.

In Hyderabad, IELTS dates, PTE coaching is First Academy.

No matter what you do, or where you go, once you visit first academy, you will not have any doubt in your mind as to who is the best.

There are several reasons, and most of them have already been mentioned in many reviews for best IELTS coaching and also for best GRE coaching. Reading those heartfelt reviews will definitely help you understand why First Academy is the best for coaching.

Practice Material and Online Training for IELTS and PTE

At First Academy, we create our own material. We are author’s for McGraw Hill, and we have enough firepower to create our own material. Not just this, we will also be soon launching our own portal for tests.

Now, ielts dates, pte coaching will have another destination powered by first academy.

Once again, we come to the conclusion of it all. What is the money shot here? I am sure you have realised it, the money shot is that ielts dates, pte coaching is first academy.

if you want any of these, you need to, and should not look any further than Contact first academy today!

Apr 28 17

pte coaching hyderabad

by admin

First Academy offers the best pte coaching hyderabad. This short text piece will explain why.

Best pte coaching hyderabad

pte coaching hyderabad at First Academy is the best because the class sizes are small. the pte test is slightly different from ielts and toefl. It is a combination of both and in that sense, it can be challenging.

different question types – challenge in pte coaching hyderabad

Let us start with the reading section of pte. The reading section of pte is the most challenging because of the number of different question types that are present. Candidates find it challenging to make sense of them all. For this reason, gaining an understanding of these question types becomes critical.

small class sizes – how they help.

While understanding different question types of pte, it is important to know each question type well. Every candidate should understand what each question type is about. To achieve this, we have small class sizes. Because of this, candidates interact more with the faculty. They find it easier to ask questions, and as a result become more confident.

official pte material in coaching

There is a shortage of pte material. A lot of test takers do not know what to follow. First Academy makes life easier. Instead of following random material, we focus on the official material. This ensures that each advice you receive will be accurate. As a result, you get the best pte coaching hyderabad.

free pte coaching – attend a session

So, you want to know how the coaching actually is. The easiest way to do this is by attending a class. We would love to have you with us. Come to us and then attend a session. You will understand what we do, and also, how we do it. You will know the best pte coaching hyderabad is First Academy.


Apr 27 17

Ielts coaching hyderabad – the problems

by admin
ielts coaching hyderabad - first academy

First Academy – Best IELTS Coaching Hyderabad

Searching for ielts coaching hyderabad?

Chances are that you are shit out of luck trying to find a good ielts coaching hyderabad. There are many that promise the moon. But, the problems is, it is all promise and no delivery. So, what should be done? Use common sense. If a training centre has too many reviews, then, it will only mean that they are not all genuine.

How do you find a good ielts coaching hyderabad?

The easiest way to do it to by talking to the centres. This could be done either by phone or by visiting them. If you do this, you will be able to understand how helpful and eager they are. Also, knowing how good the trainer is will also be an important aspect of the training. Many IELTS coaching centres have bad trainers who have no qualifications. Make sure you know about the trainer. Also ask for sessions where you can see how good the trainer is.

Remember, a coaching centre is only as good as the trainer. No matter how good the office is, if the trainer is bad, the training will also be bad.

ielts coaching hyderabad – First Academy

At First Academy, we take IELTS coaching really seriously. We work hard at understanding what the students need. We then focus on delivering the content that suits the learner’s needs. This might not seem like much. But it is something many trainers fail to do. This is because these trainers do not have the basic understanding of what IELTS is all about.

The real ieltsgurus are people who know what IELTS is all about and are therefore able to provide best ielts coaching hyderabad. Once again, the conclusion is clear. Not everyone offers the best ielts coaching hyderabad. Also, the responsibility of finding one is on you. You cannot blame anyone else if you fail to find one. If you want to be sure about an ielts coaching centre, then there is only one answer – First Academy.

ielts coaching hyderabad is First Academy
Apr 26 17

IELTS Material – Which sources should you trust?

by admin

IELTS Material – The Deal

Every one wants IELTS material. Most of them want it for free. And to the delight of many, it is indeed available. The only question is how good is it? The answer shouldn’t surprise many. It is not great at all. What you need to understand is that not all IELTS material is made equal. There is bad material, then there is worse material. Especially if the material in question is free.

So, how do you separate the real deal from the chaff?

IELTS Material – The Sources

The bitter truth is that unless you resort to pirace, most IELTS material you get is substandard. The reason is simple really. Good Material requires effort, time, and patience. Without all these, it is impossible to make good material. In such a case, why would anyone give it for free? What needs sweat, and toil, should be paid for, and that is the way it should be.

Buy really good books. There are many websites including Amazon and Flipkart, that offer really great discounts on many books. Make best use of that.

Why Can’t I download them off the Internet?

What you need to understand is that most books come with online codes and link to practice material that can be accessed via codes and book linked articles. If you are downloading books, you will not have access to these areas.

Remember that the authors and publishers cannot update books, so they usually end up updating the online pages. So one good reason to buy IELTS material is to get access to these online resources for free. This will also give you an idea of new teaching methods and new ways of learning stuff.

Once again, what’s the bottomline?

The bottom line is really simple. If you want good material, buy it. If you want great sessions, do not go on youtube. Pay for a good trainer. Get the best coaching for IELTS. This is because the trainer will help you in person.

Apr 25 17

IELTS British Council dates

by admin

IELTS British Council dates

For those looking for IELTS British Council dates, a most common sight is the ‘date unavailable’ message. If you are looking for such a date, do not despair. At First Academy, we can help you get those dates. So, is there a catch? No, there are no catches!

IELTS British Council dates

British Council IELTS – Platinum Partner – First Academy

How do we do it?

We at First Academy are registered partners of British Council. This means two things. One, we get you dates that are not available anywhere. Two, we do so at no extra cost! We not only provide the best IELTS coaching, we also book IELTS dates for free!

How do I get IELTS British Council dates?

One way to do it is to call us. Give us a call and check if can help you with particular IELTS British Council dates. If we tell you we can help you, that’s that. Your problem is solved. You can walk into our office, submit your details, and Boom! Your IELTS British Council date is booked.

It is actually as simple as that. No conditions apply!

Can you do that only for IELTS British Council dates?

No! It is not just for IELTS British Council dates, we can also help with IELTS IDP Dates! What ever you need with respect to IELTS, First Academy can help you. Whether it is coaching you are looking at, or booking dates, First Academy is the best for anything related to IELTS.

So, what are you waiting for? The next step is simple. If you want to book an IELTS date that is unavailable, then you need to come to First Academy.

What is the conclusion? With almost everything you need about IELTS, First Academy would be able to help. Consequently, it makes best sense to come meet us. Because, there is not one else who is this good!

Bottom Line?

so, IELTS British Council dates is thefore First Academy!

Apr 24 17

IELTS Coaching in Hyderabad

by admin

First Academy provides the best IELTS Coaching in Hyderabad. There is no question that needs to be asked. Why? Over the past decade, all the questions have been asked and answered. The continued success of First Academy as the provider of the best IELTS Coaching in Hyderabad is proof.

Creating Content – Best IELTS Coaching in Hyderabad

Unlike other institutes which copy content, First Academy creates content. How cool is that? Others copy from First Academy. First Academy has authors are trainers. They are the best trainers. In addition to that, First Academy has awesome classes that focus on original content.

Attend IELTS coaching at First Academy

What you should do next is simple. Attend a session at First Academy. Next, be amazed at how good it is. Following that, enroll with us. The result if this will be there for all to see! Try it out, and the only consequence is that you will all love it. IELTS Coaching in Hyderabad cannot be better than this!

IELTS Coaching in Hyderabad – Reading

First Academy has the best IELTS reading sessions. Consequently, candidates often tell us how much they love the sessions. Since they love the sessions, they become confident. Once they are confident, they perform well. As a result, we have great scores!

We focus on making reading easy. Our methods are unique. Consequently, the results are fantastic! Our students love us! Not just because our sessions are good, but also because they get the results they want.

IELTS Coaching in Hyderabad – Writing

The same applies to our writing sessions too! We can guarantee a 7 in IELTS writing. And to do it, we don’t go for underhanded methods. We tell you what IELTS looks for. Then, we train you to present it. We don’t teach prepared answers. This is because we are not a school. We teach you how to write. And this will stay for life.

Looking for the best IELTS Coaching in Hyderabad – First Academy is the answer.


Apr 21 17

Best GRE coaching

by admin

Who do you ask about the best GRE coaching?

As the students. Most so called ‘best’ GRE coaching centres have fake reviews. There are few however that are real. So, which ones are real, and whichs one are not? The GRE coaching centres that are around here have reviews that they have written themselves.

Any GRE coaching centre that has too many reviews in a short time is indulging in fake reviews. First Academy has reviews that are genuine, and spread over almost 7 years. Therefore, it is clear that it provides the best GRE coaching.

How do you know if best GRE coaching reviews are fake?

If many reviews sound similar, it is a clear sign that it is fake. Also, a coaching centre that calls itself the best GRE coaching centre will have some real students with real reviews. Take a look at a review of First Academy.

The students is clearly happy. This is one of the best indicators of experiencing the best GRE coaching. First Academy’s training is the best GRE coaching you can get because it is given by authors of books. This is offered by no other training institute.

A look at the facebook page clearly shows how and why this is the case. The reviews in the facebook page show all the love people have. Not just that, First academy is the only provider of original content for all these tests. A couple of links and you can understand the test:

The Best GRE coaching – Word Quiz

Take the quiz, leave a comment, talk to First Academy, and immerse yourself in the best coaching for GRE. Look out for our new website, and new books that will be coming out shortly. The book that will change the way you will prepare for GRE.

The book has new to the world questions. Naturally then, when it comes to GRE coaching, First Academy is the best!


Apr 18 17

Achieving a 7 band in IELTS – For Nurses

by admin
Guaranteed 7 band IELTS Nurses

Best IELTS Coaching – First Academy

If you are nurse, and want to work in an English speaking country, IELTS is mandatory. Not only that, you need to achieve a 7 band in IELTS. This is an additional burden that you have to carry. The questions that follows would be – how do we do it? The answer is pretty simple – train hard. Training hard is all about immersion. The more you expose yourself to a language, the easier it will be for you to improve. So, how does one manage this immersion? (Guaranteed 7 band in IELTS for Nurses)

How many hours a day?

You would be taking the IELTS test only if your mother tongue is not English. So, you would have to focus on exposing yourself to English. This can happen only if you actively try. On an average, exposing yourself to English for 6 hours will be the first step. Talk, read, think, and dream only in English for 6 hours a day if you want that guaranteed 7 bands in IELTS. At First Academy, we provide specialised training for nurses. This course is designed to help you achieve the results that you need. So, what are you waiting for? It is time for you to attended that free session. This course guarantees a 7 band in IELTS for nurses.

Design of the course

So, how is the course designed? The course has been result of thousands of hours of observation of how Indians assimilate English.  This has, therefore, allowed us to formulate a course that we are proud of. A course that has allowed us to guarantee a 7 band in IELTS for Nurses. This course is for a period of 6 weeks. The course is for 7 hours a day. This is so that every candidate is immersed in the language.

How is it a Guaranteed 7 Band in IELTS for Nurses course?

The course accepts only nurses. We ensure every candidate speaks, reads, and writes in English every day. In addition to that, we ensure personal attention. Further, the batch is limited to 20 people so that the evaluator knows each candidate in person.

Enroll for a session and get a Guaranteed 7 band in IELTS!

Apr 17 17

The Best GRE Coaching

by admin

Identifying a coaching centre that gives the best coaching for GRE is not easy. One reason is that there is no way of evaluating trainers. In such a scenario, what could you do? The answer is pretty simple, attend a free session. There are many institutes that offer training for GRE, but there are rarely any that allow you to test their sessions. This then becomes one of the best tests to figure out if the institute offers the best GRE coaching.

An institute that allows you a taster session tell you something. It tell you that the institute trusts its capability. Further, it is not shy to let you see how the classes are. Not just that, the institute is willing to risk it’s reputation. In addition to all this, it is ready to take the risk of you leaving. All these clearly tell you the one thing you want to know. The institute is certain of offering the best coaching for GRE.

Are there any such institutes?

One such noteworthy institute is First Academy. Especially because it has been allowing taster sessions for more than a decade. Further, the fact that most students there at First Academy have been able to score really well is proof. Go for a session at First Academy. See how it is able to offer the best coaching for GRE. The coaching is so intuitive and stress free, that you will be surprised. As a result, you are stress free.

Why is it the best GRE coaching?

Keeping the students stress free is one way to ensure best GRE coaching. This is because most students come to GRE coaching with a lot of stress. Easing their stress, and making them feel comfortable is something that every trainer should do. First Academy is, for this reason, a favoured institute among students. The awesome trainers, the great sessions, are only two of the reasons why first academy offers great GRE coaching.

to find out more about their GRE coaching, attend a session with them.